Stucco, or Portland Cement Plaster, is a low-cost finish that is strong and durable and can be used in a wide variety of climates. It is also versatile and can be used over concrete, concete masonary, birick, wood frame or steel frame. It is also fire resistant and color retentive, meaning that various pigments can be added to give your stucco exactly the effect you are looking for. If you want a durable and versatile siding that can resist harsh weather, then stucco is your best option. Stucco is a mortar mixture that is usually made from aggregate, binder and water, used as plastering for masonry or frame walls, This siding material not only serves a practical purpose, but an aesthtic one as well. Stucco can be used to cover up less appealing construction materials such as metal, concrete and adobe. This can be used to cover nail holes, small cracks, and patches in your interior walls that are hard to hide with paint. On top of all this, stucco can be a great exterior insulation finish for your home or commerical bulding.

The mesh and bond system is specifically designed to significantly reduce surface cracking in new and existing stucco systems. By embedding the mesh into the polymer modified base coat, the mesh and bond systems reinforce the stucco and help to reduce the appearance of cracks. Mesh and bond systems are ideal for one coat stucco, three coat stucco, masonary, brick and concrete surfaces.

Foam Shapes

Bay Plastering can apply that special architectural foam shape to add aesthetic appeal to your home or project.
Architectural foam shapes are increasingly being used for window trims, crown moldings, door trims and columns.

Crown Moldings

Columns & Window Trims​

Window Sills & Bands


Stucco Finishes

Heavy Lace

Semi Smooth

Light Sand

Old World

Medium Sand

Skip Trowel


Knock Down Dash

Lace Finish